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Punya Penghasilan Sendiri Saat Bersekolah Bikin Remaja Bijak dalam Urusan Uang, lho! | FIMELA Girl

A friend of mine that her friend needs to interviewed a girl who also work and going to college at the same time, for an article about managing time and money. Well, this is how it goes.


Selalu ada yang salah dengan semua keluarga.

Keluarga adalah produk yang diciptakan sempurna, dan menjadi tidak sempurna karena ketidaksempurnaan manusia-manusia di dalamnya.

Tetapi, selalu ada sesuatu yang sempurna dengan keluarga.

Keluarga bukan hanya sekadar ide bahagia tentang cinta.

Keluarga adalah satu-satunya tonggak yang bisa diandalkan ketika tragedi memukul kehidupan salah satu anggotanya.

Keluarga adalah contoh yang terpatri dalam hidup anak-anak, untuk melihat apa yang salah dan benar.

Hanya dengan keluarga, kita bisa tahu betapa semua anggota keluarga bisa saja berbuat salah, bisa saja mengecewakan satu sama lain.

Namun, hanya dengan keluarga, kita tahu betapa lapangnya pintu maaf yang harus kita buka dan rasa saling mengerti yang harus selalu kita jaga.

We're getting the band back together for PAPER TOWNS


The experience of making The Fault in Our Stars was really wonderful because of the people involved: They all brought their talent and professionalism to the story and I’m so proud of the movie they made. 

It was all so fun and magical (and frankly so different from my previous Hollywood experiences) that to be honest I wasn’t particularly keen to make another movie—unless I could work again with people I really trust. 

And now it has happened! I’m really excited that the same team is reuniting to adapt Paper Towns. It will again be written by Weber and Neustadter, and again produced by Wyck Godfrey and Isaac Klausner. We’re working with the same people at the same studio (Erin Siminoff and Elizabeth Gabler at Fox 2000), and the project is being built around Nat Wolff, who plays Isaac in The Fault in Our Stars

Like any movie project, this will be a longish road with many potential roadblocks, but I know it will be lots of fun and really rewarding to work again with such passionate and talented people.

p.s. I’m an executive producer this time around, which is exciting!


Maybe “The Fault In Our Stars” is our “An Imperial Affliction” ♥

“That is just the way with some people. They get down on a thing when they don’t know nothing about it.”Mark Twain, The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (via bookmania)
Word-therapy. For there is hope in each words that you’ve written.

Tonight, Pablo Neruda said that I could write the saddest line.

Neruda wrote: “I love her. And sometimes she loves me too.”

Hemingway won a bet over the saddest short story:
“For sale: Baby shoes. Never worn.”

But for me, even they are two of my favorite men who write a lot of great poems and short stories, even they owned brilliant minds and great skills with words, no one could ever write the saddest line. No one.

Because the more we read the saddest line, the less sadder it become.

That’s why I agree with what Murakami said: there is no such thing as a perfect despair.

You write sad lines, as I’ve read it somewhere, to find happiness. Oh, I guess Nick Miller is the one who said this.

When you write the sad lines, do not ever think that your despair will be forever remain. Because once you write it down, the less sadder it has become.

That’s why I write and I cry. And then I become a little happier. A little more hopeful than before.

That’s why we write. For there is no sadness that can’t be diluted with tears, for there is no pain that can’t be understood with understanding.


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Located in Cikini, Blue Romance is certainly your favorite fictional coffee shop. 24/7. Owned by , and you :)

Imaginary Cikini

Aduh, asli saya terharu banget.

Waktu saya terima ilustrasi pertama untuk Blue Romance, saat melihat rupa Blue Romance dalam warna-warna cat air, wajah Chantal yang sedang minum kopi, Sanctuary Wall dari mbak Diani Apsari , saya terharu banget.

Sekarang, melihat photoset ini, dengan ilustrasi dari seorang pembaca, saya jadi kehabisan kata-kata. Saya merasa Blue Romance tidak hanya hidup di dunia saya, atau dalam dunia rangkaian kata dari buku pertama saya.

Sedikit banyak, saya percaya rupanya Blue Romance dalam Cikini imajiner sudah menjadi bagian yang nyata bagi para pembaca.

Terima kasih ya, untuk komaaa . Saya sangat menghargainya. Terus berkarya, ya! :)

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